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>> eric: we'll be keeping tabs on egypt. >> shannon bream is next, live in washington. >> reporter: fresh protests in egypt, as angry demonstrators clash with police for a third day, after president morsi claims that new rules all but exempt him from balances. the egyptian stock market falls amid fears of balance. i'm shannon bream, live in washington. america's news headquarters begins with the latest from cairo with steve hariggan, standing by live. >> reporter: the numbers are building of protesters here in tahrir square, the number of tents growing as the protesters say they are here to stay and
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digging in. on the street below me, over the past few minutes, we have seen young protesters, lighting bottles on fire and running. the skirmishes have wounded more than 3 people. we have seen the military begin to move large concrete block, blocking off certain narrow alleyways and protecting government buildings. explosions can be heard behind me. right now, one key thing to watch is where the protests go next. we are expecting major demonstrations on both sides on tth. those who support president morsi and think he is doing what needs to be done. and those who think he is making a power grab, trying to become a dictator. both groups will try to get out their constituents on tuesday. it will be a real test of power. the final thing to watch, the country's judges, many are saying they are going on strike. it could shut down the judicial system across the country this week. >> shannon: steve, thank you for the update. egyptian president, muhammad
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morsi made a bold move, grabbing near absolute power, hours after the negotiations in the gaza strip were completed. egyptians have flooded into the streets in protest. joining us to talk about egypt and that region and beyond, fox news military analyst, general jack keane, thank you for coming in. what do you make of morsi's very bold move with the negotiations between the executive and the judicial branch. but observingly, he is saying, i am all powerful, the courts can't stop me. >> it's a bold move. he is consolidating power. he has been doing it since his inception. he ransacked the military brass. he did that after taking counsel of officers, inside the military, alm -- assuming they would not resist if he took the old bosses out. they have economic interests. he hopes that that military will
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stay neutral and not get into the streets and deal with deposing him or causing him political internal problems. the other calculations he has, he has been taking out the 61 constitutionalists and he took the lead prosecutor and other key officials out. so he now owns the reins of government in egypt. i think the other calculation he has, why is he doing this on the heels of the hamas cease-fire? excuse me. i think it's because he wants the deal that the united states gave mubarak eye will support you in foreign policy in the region, you lead domestic internal running of the country it me. i think that is what is going to unfold in front of us. >> shannon: do you think the u.s. as relates to the cease-fire was too effusive in the praise from secretary of state clinton, and now what does the white house do? they have remained quiet. we have a statement from the state department, but nothing
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from the white house so far. >> i don't think the praise -- morsi's certainly deserving credit to help to broker the peace. and the administration play aid vital role in that and they deserve credit. the larger issue is a revolutionary change in the middle-east. it is the foreign policy surprise of this administration, as 9/11 was for bush. and how we cope with this. our disengagement policy in the middle-east is inviting this change to go in the wrong direction. al qaeda is on the rise, the islamists are on the rise. morsesi looked at iraq and saw al-maliki on the rise. our policy should be all in, keeping with our national interest and keeping with our values and help shape morsi. he is not going away. >> how do you think the president will walk the line of
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not getting involved in affairs we shouldn't be involved and and stopping the dominoes that are falling, one by one and balancing our national security, which is definitely impacted? >> it definitely is. there are four transition governments. one is in libya, we have a moderate government there that we influence, our failed policy there led to benghazi. syria -- that's unfolding, also tunisia and yemen. those countries are yet to be resolved. we can definitely influence that. if we don't influence that, if we sit on our hands, it is likely that radical islamists will have undue influence. >> shannon: how long do you think the cease-fire holds between hamas and israel? >> no one knows for sure. but i think it will hold for a while. hamas got what they wanted, worldwide recognition. they have some restrictions removed from the blockade. they will be able to smuggle
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arms and hunitions -- munitions in as they have always done, despite the fact the egyptians are trying to do something about it. israeli defeated hamasalcy military capability, firing 1500 rockets and defeating 88% of those coming into population centers. so i think there is something there for erch. i think it will hold. the real winner is the iranian, as they are watching this unfold and influence in it. >> shannon: behind what is so much of what is happening there, general, thank you so much. >> good sigh you. >> shannon: fox news has confirmed that peter king will step down as the house homeland security committee. the republican representative has chaired that committee for 7 years. republicans have imposed a six-year limit for most committee chairs. king got a waiver and he is wrapping up list seventh year. it is not clear who will replace him in january of 2013. some speculate less
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anti-terrorism money for new york, his home state. congressional leaders are hoping to hammer out a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. it is clear that the lawmakers are strug struggling to find a common ground. but some are saying there is a compromise. >> the stock market rallied amidst the talk of a possible deal being made. but independent senator joe lieberman is saying there is no done deal. he says, if congress does nothing, which they have gotten pretty good at, we will go over the fiscal cliff. the republicans have conceded that the government needs to find new ways to take in more money and now the fight is centered on where to get it from. >> i would be very much opposed to raising tax rates. but i believe we can change loopholes. >> i want entitlement reforms. democracies promise to cut
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spending. we never cut spending. i am looking for revenue for entitlement reform. >> reporter: senator graham says age adjustment and means testing for medicare and social security is a reasonable thing. but illinois democratic senator dick durbin doesn't want to touch social security. he thinks the new revenue should come from an increase on the tax rates of top earners, which is currently 35%. >> let the rates go up to 39. let us also take a look at the deductions. let's make sure that revenue is an integral part of deficit reduction. from my side of the table, bring entitlement reform into the conversation. social security, set aside, doesn't add to the deficit. when it comes to medicare and medicaid, protect the integrity of the program, but give it solvency for more and more years. >> reporter: a source with engine of knowledge -- with knowledge of the negotiation says there is no date set in stone for the next meeting among
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the principle negotiate othe timing will depend on the progress of staff member, in the next few days. but we should not be surprised if they get together, sthiem week. shannon. >> shannon: we wish them much luck. thank you. our worst-case scenario, there isn't a deal. the former economics director it'll peter tracy, tells what did you say to expect if that happens and what will happen if it doesn't. let's talk positive, first. who do you think, if something comes together, will be the key players. >> we need to see president obama move off the position of entitlements and propose real reductions, tangible, real, so there is something to balance with the rather substantial tax proposals. >> shannon: who do you think in the house and senate will be the key folks at the table? some are worried about the fact that maybe party leaders are negotiating what i happening, the committees and the rank and file are not necessarily involved and what will happen,
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something comes together and they are asked to sign on. narcotics we had senator jeff sessions talking about that. we do not have that. but his argument is that so much is being done in secressy and it is not fair to everyone who should be involved. how concerned should we be about the negotiations? >> i don't think we should be concerned at all about the secrecy. i think it's difficult to come to a deal with the president on one side and 535 members of the congress on the other. but we need to look for is whether someone of stature, like congressman ryan says that these spending cuts are real, substantial and will reduce the deficit. only then will the republicans sign on to any kind of additional tax revenue. >> shannon: worst-case scenario, it doesn't happen. let's talk about the variousening things. unemployment, where do you think that goes?
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>> immediately, payroll deductions go up, taxes go up, so they spend less. we will see unemployment rise quickly. if we go over the cliff, we could see unemployment zoom past 10 or 12%. >> shannon: what about the mornings and banks? >> people can't pay their mortgages, we will see the folks fall behind and defaults. we will see new stress on the banks. the banks are more resilient. they have some cushion. it would take some months to see banks threatened. >> shannon: okay. what about the fact of state governments and a lot of what happens with their budgets is intertwined with federal money they get. >> ah, this is interesting. if we go off the cliff, more people are unemployed, they provide the welfare benefits and medicaid match money am so they will be stressed that way. one of the things to watch out for in the budget negotiations is that the president and the congress merely moved theudget problem from washington to the state houses. they essentially required the
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state governments to spend more money as a way the federal government is spending less. it is not particularly fair, but they have a track record in that direction. >> shannon: won't be welcome news to the governors. thank you for your insight. it is your turn to way in. who do you blame for the fiscal cliff fiasco, the president, the democrat-controlled senate, the republican-controlled house or everyone? tweet us your answer. we will read your responses. we want to hear from you. it's a deal some immigrants can't refuse, a pathway to citizenship. but find out what the government is asking for in return. [ malannouncer ] it'that time of year again. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price.
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>> shannon: if you are a wellingy immigrant, good at creating jobs and you would like a permanent green card, the u.s. government has a deal for you. phil keating has the story from miami. >> reporter: brooklyn's brand-new barkley center, home of the nets and the soon-to-be south florida office park has something crucially important in common -- millions of dollars used for construction came from wealthy foreigners, like
9:17 am
venezuela immigrant. >> there are two truths. they are looking for a place of safe harbor to preserve their wealth and a land of opportunity to the next generation. america is that place. >> reporter: for this man and thousands of others, it is possible under the u.s. state department's ebefore 5 visa program. >> this is a hot topic. >> reporter: miami beach's chamber of commerce held this well-attended seminar. >> they have to be projects that are going to create jobs. >> rich, foreign immigrant who is invest up to $1 million and create at least 10 jobs in the united states are fast-tracked to a permanent u.s. green card. >> they are eb5 projects. >> reporter: the immigration attorney facilitates wealthy foreigners with jobs projects, nationwide. >> the immigrant gets the benefit. the united states gets the benefit of employment creation. we need jobs. and this capital, this foreign
9:18 am
capital creates employment in the united states. >> reporter: immigrant investors are being considered for the capital needed for the stadium used by the tampa bay rays. and for this man, it is not just pouring his money into america to become a permanent resident, it's his american dream. >> i am looking to become a u.s. citizen on may, next year. >> reporter: seeing the win/win, the state department is issuing more and more of these visas. two years ago, just 1300 were issued. this year, we are on track to issue more than 8,000. an increase of nearly 700%. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. erch who played the power ball must have been fresh out of luck. no one won the $365 million prize, which is growing again. we have more.
9:19 am
anna? >> reporter: the jackpat for wednesday's lottery could go even higher than the estimated $425 million. that's because typically, before a record drawing, the sales will pick up as people get excited and want to buy more and more tickets. while dreamers are thinking about what they would buy -- a yacht, a new car, something for their mother, for the holidays, a sports team or fund research to cure cancer, lawyer a lot of folk who is would like to pay their bills and make ends meet. >> i am not saying i would take the money and buy junk with t. i would do manage for humanity. >> a lot of people need help. help myself and help others. >> reporter: here's your power ball odds, if you are the winner, it's 1 in over 175 million odds for you. to win $1 million, 1 in 5 million. and the odds of winning a prize
9:20 am
are 1 in 32. how much would you keep? how much would you owe uncle sam? from the win of $320 million, the tax bill would have been $84 million. it could be several million higher as this jackpot grows. ticket bayers are alsoinging about what else they could buy. >> nobody can pay their bills anymore. it's bad. i mean, look, hostess is shutting down. that's that many more people that don't have jobs. >> reporter: the previous power ball record prize was in 2006. you remember the con-agra food workers won that $365 million. this is each higher, folks can't wait. they are squirming to the lines to get the lotto tickets. back to you. >> i am sure the lines will continue to grow until wednesday.
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>> shannon: egyptian president morsi's power grab is causing the splintered opposition groups to try to unite. peter doocy has some of today's top story gooses egypt's liberal and secular groups have long been dividedful but they are looking to pull together to organize new protests as
9:26 am
prominent egyptian democracy advocate is warning that if morsi does not rescind his new powers, the military will likely step in. the looming fiscal cliff, jay carney says everyone has expressed a desire to hammer out an agreement, but he did not give any details about the negotiations so far. the producers of "dallas" say that i are will be giving j.r. ewing a proper sendoff, they are working on the a way to write write the character off the show, after he died on friday. he had filmed six episodes for the season. move over, justin bieber, you have been overstepped. south korean rapper cy has been viewed more than 805 million times. bieber's video, baby, has only
9:27 am
803 million views. those are the top stories right now. >> shannon: something tells me the bieber fans are not going to take that lying down. >> reporter: i don't know. i heard they're a tough bunch. vinever had to deal with them. but it's interesting that this style is so popular here, shannon, because almost the entire thing is in korean. people have no idea what he is saying. >> shannon: luckily, we sweep that and i am interested in the mashup he did with m.c. hammer. >> shannon: have seen you practicing many times. >> shannon: once we get the choriog fee-- >> reporter: i will not putting that in writing. >> shannon: i have it orally and that's a contract. international news now, egyptian president morsi made a daring move, granting himself near absolute power, days after secretary of state hillary clinton met with him and others inapr an effort to broker a cease-fire between israel and
9:28 am
hamas. steve has more. >> reporter: u.s. lawmakers are looking at the moves by the egyptian president with a great deal of waryness, n wt form the democratic government will take. violent clashes continued in cairo for the seventh day in a row with the police using tear gaps with protesters oppose to the president. senator john mccain is saying egypt could pay a price if it takes a more authorityarian turn. appearing on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace, acknowledging that morsi did play an important role in the cease-fire between gaza and israel. >> this is not acceptable. this is not what the united states of america taxpayers dollars respect. he promised the people of egypt democracy when his party and he was elected president. >> reporter: egyptian president expanded his powers and placed himself above
9:29 am
judicial oversay the sight after the cease-fire. egypt said it was designed to hold those accountable of those in corruption and crimes in the previous regime. but one leading senator was asked what message president obama should deliver to the egyptian leader? >> he has to express those concerns and say, obviously, we want this -- change to be not just democratic, but to also be supportive of stability and also to be protecting of minorities and human rights in egypt. >> reporter: the egyptian stock market taking a dive on the first day of trading after the action. it dropped more than 9%. >> shannon: all right. we'll keep an eye on it. president obottommal meet with the congressional leaders for a plan aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff. lawmakers have said that both spending cuts and new revenue
9:30 am
need to be on the table. house speaker john boehner said that obamacare should be fair game, also. we have a former rnc spokesperson and dnc spokesman. great to see you both. there is a lot of finger-pointing and blame. but the fact is, enough people voted on what has gotten us to this point. who steps up at this point? and has a chance to show leadership and get something done? >> i think the president is in the right position to do that. i am a little bit worried about speaker boehner's position, that's what the op-ed, saying obamacare should be on the table. one, the congressional budget office took a look, if you repealed obamacare entirely, it would cost $109 billion. so i don't think the speaker's put it on the table because it helps, i think he put it on there for positioning. but there is a problem there. the american people have had this debate. mitt romney maid the case that
9:31 am
obamacare should be repealed and said it would be the first act. he made that case forcefully, in debates, ads, throughout the campaign. 40% of america greed with him. the mairment said, we agree with president obama. i think there may be some wiggle room, but the leadership's happening, it will get there. i understand why speaker boehner would have to do this. but as a serious maneuver, it doesn't seem to be a step in the right direction. >> i think what you have here is two fundamental, different degrees of thought on where we go. first, you know, republicans believe that the key to economic growth, of course, is to encourage incentives in the private sector. democrats believe that the government invests in and creates jobs. that's what they believe the government should do. even if you raise taxes on upper-income earners, bottom line is, how does that get us to reducing the deficit? and is that enough money to, you
9:32 am
know, prohibit us from reaching the fiscal cliff? no! again, i said this, you know, throughout the whole campaign, where is -- where's the president's plan? where is the democratic plan, besides just raising taxes? i mean, we need to have an overall package. you know, i think toney and i agree on that. we are all going to have to compromise. somehow, we have it figure out where the revenue is coming from and where the cuts are going to be in entitlements. there have to be some. >> shannon: to this point, i want to play this sound bite now, the budget committee who has lamented that the senate has never passed a budget. he has great worries that the deal is being done whined closed doors that it's a few stakeholders who expect their party folks to vote in line whetherw what they have agreed to. here's what he had to say about that. >> the budget committee's not
9:33 am
meeting, the financial committee's not meeting. and so, we are relegated to a group of people meeting in secret, plotting some sort of scheme that they think is best for america. but really, all of the senate needs to be engaged and the american people need to be engaged. >> shannon: if party leaders work out a deal, with republicans line up with the g.o.p., and will the democrats line up with harry reid and others? or do you think there will be resistance to something they weren't involved in. >> i think that they weren't involved will be the excuse. the leadership, by its definition, figuring out how to move this forward, as opposed to having the largest possible group and the lowest possible time. that's a recipe for doing nothing. that's exactly what has happened in the senate four years, according to the session's own definition of that. so when we talk about leadership, yeah, that would mean some people getting into a
9:34 am
room, figuring out what can their side tolerate to move us forward. and to the earlier point, i think it's penitentiary to note that the premise for the entirety of the campaign season was that the republicans standard bearer said, we won't take one dollar -- we won't give you one dollar for every $10 of curts. that deal is no longer on the table. john boehner others know, the tax increases will be a part of this plan moving forward. part. not the only way. they understand that that is coming. the first bill isn't on the table. they are grappling with how to make sense of that to their base. >> back to everything being out in the open, this is what happened with obamacare. there are the back-door deals. i think the american people -- we should have them televise audio why not? >> shannon: we did that with the health care law and nothing got deal. >> the back-door deals are not
9:35 am
working. >> this is not the "american idol" poll. >> it doesn't have to be "american idol." but as a taxpayer,als a mother, i want to know what my kids' future looks like. >> the point of the -- of the election was to elect the leaders to do their jobs. >> they are accountable to us. >> of course! >> everyone get it's [overlapping dialogue] >> shannon: america get what is they vote for. >> thank you. >> they take care of us year round. now it is our turn it take care of them. from now through the new year, we are highlighting our favorite charities. we will introduce to you one of our favorite groups that makes sure our troops on the front line get the things they desperately need. with the spark cash card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purche, everday! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less?
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>> shannon: there are many people in need this holiday season. our men and women fighting abroad are often on that list.
9:40 am
some troops are out on the battlefield without nighttime binoculars and grenade pouches. the red cross is helping those affected by super storm sandy. and now we have the charity, troops need you, working to get our troops the things they need most. >> great to be back. >> shannon: we like to tell folks what is so unique, there are a lot of great charities that send care packages and things that are always welcome. but you try to find out the specific needs of what the guys and gals need and make sure they get that. tell us about what have you here. i understand, this is a focus on afghanistan. >> that's right. we say, go beyond the care package. i served in iraq and afghanistan. i saw thousands of care packages, laying around and also going out with units that had specific mission needs, equipment they need for survival in a lot of cases that they don't have for various reasons. i thought, let's channel that
9:41 am
time and energy from the care packages to get the mission essentials, supplies and equipment that they need. we are supporting marines in western afghanistan. a gunnery sergeant contacted us and said, i have 115 men in 10 outposts, they are really remote. a lot of them don't have the perimeter security they need. so what they have to see at night is the night-vision helmet-mounted system, which is designed for close quarters combat or inside a house or very close range because you can't see far with it. so the folks on the other side of the wire, the adversaries, they know how far to walk away from the post so we can't see them. so we are shipping them the night-vision binoculars so they can see farther than the issued night vision system that, allows them to see, get a glimpse of who is out there and how many
9:42 am
there are and what direction they are moving and what time they are moving. another thing, this is the first time we have had this request, we got a request for grenade pouches. they have 30 marines who carry grenades in their unit. unfortunately, what happened, they were issued these pouches that weren't designed for grenades, so they carry two grenades, bumping up against each other. if you are hiking in afghanistan on patrol, you definitely don't want the thought of having grenades bumping up against each other. so proper grenade pouches are another thing we are shipping at their request. there is a list of other things, this is an ongoing operation. we get connected through word of mouth. that's a big opportunity for folks to help us. >> shannon: we want to make sure we put up the information. not only can the folks help out -- and our viewers have done that generously. and if you have someone serving, they want to know what you need so they can funnel specific
9:43 am
things to them. we have email, phone and web site. and then the phone number -- if people want to call, my cousin's in afghanistan, it is 1-888-9-troops. i mean, this is how it works. we don't work -- there is no channels for this. we have been praised by everywhere from the white house to the pentagon, but in terms of getting the units, it is word of mouth. it is viewers. we have had viewers of your show, shannon, which i am grateful for, tell us about that and get us connected with units. over the holidays, we can get the stuff out quickly, it's a great time, just in time for christmas. >> thank you for getting us updated. we will make sure the information's out there. whether you are helping those who have fallen on hard times or
9:44 am
you want to spread good cheer, we want to see what you are up to. a lot of folks are doing selfless things. we want you to show us how you are celebrating and helping others. log on to our show page. you can upload pictures and stories of how you are helping out as well. still to come on america's news headquarters... >> you could be headed into an actual military takeover, if things went in the wrong direction. you could see a scenario, where there is continued chaos. >> concerns at home that the power grab by egypt a president could lead to complete chaos. we will ask a ranking member of the armed services committee and go to cairo to the latest. regulation overload, a slew of reg iewdles could mean more pain at the pump for you. a man of god, living home unless
9:45 am
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9:48 am
>> shannon: some shoppers flock to stores on black friday, but often savvy retailers wait until closer to christmas do break out the really good deals.
9:49 am
brenda butner has more on that. >> that's right. the first numbers out suggest that shoppers are not dragging their feet in opening their wallets. salz fell nearly 2% on black friday, though foot traffic was up. consumers trying to get a take on more shopping days with an early thanksgiving will mean to getting the best deal. the holiday shopping season getting stretched to its maximum length this year. >> this is really interesting because this is the longest possible holiday shopping season, 32 days from black friday all the way until santa comes. >> this cob sumer expert says the extra shopping time means retailers won't be showing their full hand. there will be more and in many cases, better deals to come as we creep closer to christmas. >> they have a lot of field time. so mystery best deals may come later. >> consumers need to be ready.
9:50 am
>> have a list, know what you want. if there is scarcity with the item, grap it when the deal is good. otherwise, you might wait it out. >> if you are shopping from your computer, keep this date in monday, monday, december 17, free shipping day online. another retail expert says the best deals on electronics come earlier, as for clothes, think of it as the store would, if you have big sweaters still in stock as christmas draws near, you will keep cutting. winter apparel's the last thing you want in the inventory after the holidays, so deals can be had. >> always appreciate yourviates, year round. >> thank you. >> shannon: stress is high around the holidays and financial burdens generally play a role. so with the fiscal cliff looming, you may be feeling the financial stress more than ever. how to combat stress and tips on getting through the holidays without the stress.
9:51 am
kirk, good to see you. >> thanks for having me back. >> we hear that exercise is a stress buster. but folk will khalid al-sayah, i am too busy. does it really help? >> it really does. this time of year because we are so busy and so stressed, we have to adjust our schedules to get exercise in. if you are 45-minute, 60-minute exercise routine, 15 to 20 minutes will be enough to reduce stress and get your day going. >> shannon: it's worth the investment. >> definitely worg the investment. from halloween, all the way through the year, there is food everywhere, in the office, at home. how do you manage and remind yourself to take good choices? >> we have to be intentional. so if we know holiday parties are coming up, or obviously, thanksgiving jousts passed and christmas, we have to be intention walour schedule and planning ahead. it is important to be integzal and to be balanced in your life, not just the physical side of things, but trying to stay
9:52 am
emotionally stable so that when the stressful situations come up at the store, at the mall or a family gathering, that you are man maintaining your balance and staying focused through the whole event. >> shannon: for a lot of people, the spiritually component is very important as well. >> one of the things we have to start thinking that fitness is not just physical, it covers your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual side. lots of great opportunities to serve. but we try to get people to be inspiring, whether you are volunteering for the salvation army or any event, go share that. >> shannon: try not to get so caught up in the hype and help yourself to help others. we were going to have a pushup contest, but sadly, we are out of time. >> i thought we might be. >> thanks for coming back. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: he is living on the street it's voluntarily, find out why a dallas man has said goodbye to family, friends and all the comforts of home, on
9:53 am
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9:56 am
>> shannon: on any given night there are a half until people holmes in america. some have drug or alcohol problems, others can't make ends meet. one man left the comforts of
9:57 am
home by choice. >> this is what life look like for liam, a home in texas with a beautiful wife and two-year-old son. for the month of november, this is where he lives on the streets of dallas as a homeless man. >> everybody gives me a hard time because i have a place to go back to after 30 days. >> he's a youth pastor, his mission, to learn more about the homeless and himself as well as provide hope. >> my big thing was i could come out and create hope for myself without hope, motivation from nothing. by day 6 i beat my skull against this wall and i'm like, it's impossible to do it by yourself out here. you can't. >> raez is leaning on faith and support from friends and family using social media to spread the ward. so far he says it's not hunger
9:58 am
are lack of sleep that's been the hardest. >> it's lonely out here. no one cares kind of thing. they just walk by. >> his social experiment has critics who say when it's all said and done, he can go home and the homeless don't have that luxury. but at least one homeless advocate says anything that brings attention to homelessness is good. >> homelessness is often romanticized, misunderstood, we want the public to know that are solutions to homelessness. it takes political will and community support. >> as for the truly homeless, raez says he has their support. >> they're at least saying someone is trying to figure this out. you know. that's what a lot of them tell me. >> texas ranks 4th behind california, new york and
9:59 am
florida. the estimates are the numbers are on the decline will but thee 630,000 americans homeless on any given night. >> shannon: such an important story. thank you, casey. turmoil in egypt, angry protesters take to the streets clashing with police as the outraging off mohammed morsi decision decision to give himself power grows. >> the numbers are in for black friday and are they giving retails a clue about what to expect about you biggest online shopping day of the year. nobody won last night's powerball jackpot. it's expected to climb to $425 million so are you feeling
10:00 am
lucky? i'm shannon bream, hour number 2 of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. the efforts to promote stability in egypt are fraying. protests an hundreds of detransportations are planned for the week ahead. steve harrigan joins us. >> you can probably here the sirens and small explosions behind me, tear gas and protesters throwing molotov cocktails. the demos kicked off on friday and 500 people have been injured. 2 or 3,000 young protesters are charging security forces, rushing back and forth between the two. as far as where the demonstrations go, tuesday both sides are calling out all loyalists, those to support the president and those who think he's trying to become a dictator
10:01 am
for a march. the other thing are the judges, the chief security council judges say they'll walk off their jobs, calling a strike to prosecution in the country. we heard of a meeting monday between mohammed morsi and the chief judiciary council so there could be a opportunity for one side to step back from the precipice which is growing loud and dangerous here in cairo. >> shannon: thank you. >> we think mr. morsi for his efforts in brokering a cease-fire, which is fragile, but this is not acceptable. this is not what the united states of america taxpayers expect and our dollars will be directly related to the progress towards democracy, which you promised the people of egypt when your party and you were elected president. >> that was senator john
10:02 am
mccain saying while the egyptian president's efforts in the israeli palestinian conflict are to be applauded, it's time for president obama to condemn him. early today i sat down with chris wallace for the inside scoop on his interview with the senator. >> as things heat up you had senator john mccain with you today to talk about mohammed morsi power grab. >> he's concerned. does the old saying it's not the first election, it's the second election. once people get into power, do they continue the democratic system or grab all the power. he's concerned it this could be a islamist coo. you have one who won in title election and issued decrease
10:03 am
that give him unchecked power. now you have some of the same people, the young literal protesters, who took to the streets to topple mubarak, calling morsi the new egyptian pharaoh. he's concerned and says the obama administration, particularly president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton have to be much tougher than they've been. they've been almost silent so far, and come out strongly this week in condemning morsi's power grab and in effect threaten them with u.s. military aid, economic aid. a debt forgiveness deal. so there's a lot of leverage and we have to start using it. >> he's also as many others are keeping a close eye on the benghazi investigation. he would in favor of a consolidated investigation into what happened. >> what he basically says is you have senate intelligence and homeland security and senate
10:04 am
armed services and duplication of those on the house side. he said what we need a one super investigation, one super committee, and he and lindsey graham compared it to a watergate style committee. we had the top republican on senate intelligence, and they said we don't need that, we can do it with the standing economist. i'm not sure 0 there's a critical mass from democrats ane the creation of a special committee. i think at this point it's going to be the separate standing, the existing committees. there's a lot of resistance, particularly from democrats, who don't want this made into an issue. >> you talked about the potential nomination of u.n.
10:05 am
embassador susan rise -- rice, heading up the state department. you'll have to tune in. >> i'm on the edge of my seat and i was there. >> you can check chris's interview with senator john mccain right after america's news headquarters. fair and balanced, joining us with his thoughts on egypt, adam smith of washington state, ranking member of the house armed services committee. welcome back, thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me on. i appreciate the chance. >> i want your impression on what's playing out in egypt, what the u.s. should or shouldn't do now that president morsi declared what many say gives him absolute power. >> it's a very difficult, dell kuwait situation through the north africa and the middle east as they transition from the -- try to transition from the auto accurate tick government to one
10:06 am
run by the people. chris talked about the first election, what about the second. what morsi has done is troubling. we need a real democracy that represents the people in egypt and should make strong statements in opposition to moves like this. >> shannon: we did get a statement from the state department friday in response to what morsi proposed suggesting the revolution was about making sure no power was concentrated with any one person and urging egyptians to get back to what the premise of the election was. at this point is it time for the president to speak out? is it time for the white house to issue it's own statement? what about the funding the u.s. provides by the billions? >> all that should be on the table. we don't have an enormous amount of influence. the credibility of the united states and egypt is not great for a variety of reasons so we have to be cautious about saying
10:07 am
we're going to go in and bully them into doing the right thing. that's why diplomacy is so important. we have to try to influence behind the scenes, but all those things you discussed should be on the table and make it clear this is not the direction egypt needs to go gone. they should work on a peaceful situation in gaza and a host of issues. >> president morsi was a key player in brokering the cease-fire between israel and hamas and seeing he's stepped forward with a decree that gives him power over judicial check what, do you think -- how will that impact the role in policing the agreement, trafficking of weapons and other things to delicate in that balance and holding the cease-fire together? is this the man who will be able to do that. >> that's the i didn't ying andf
10:08 am
the situation. where are they going to take the ex creamist elements. at the same time egypt is critical in a more peaceful situation. we don't want them to renounce therapies treaty with israel. >> how much of a player do you think iran has been over what happened related to hamas and israel? >> they're all over it. iran is a bad actor in that region, they provided the rockets and weaponry to hamas and gaza and spoked this conflict. iran is a me lined actor and we have to put pressure on them. i have enormous sympathy for the people in gaza. 1.5 people have been under a block aid in dire economic conditions but as long as they accept weapons from iran to attack israel it's impossible to
10:09 am
reach a peace agreement to allow them to have the economic environment they deserve. we have to work to try to put pressure on them. >> shannon: we know you and your colleagues are heading back to washington. we wishing you the best on avoiding the fistcal cliff. >> new york congressman peter king is stepping down. the republican representative chaired the committee for seven he years. the republicans imposed a 6 year limit. king did get a waiver and is wrapping up his 7th year. it's unclear who will replace him. some speculate it will be less federal terror funding for new york. >> the president will hold meetings with key lawmakers to work out a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.
10:10 am
some express hope compromise will be worked out. others are concerned the divide between the parties will block that. >> we need to try to find a way to have the debates about policy and get to the point of compromise when possible but to do as much as we can to keep partisan politics out of the equation. >> i would say first partnership, i believe, is important if it's done right. you don't have democracy without parties. the problem -- and there are legitimate differences. the problem is when those differences become so i am bittered -- imbittered people cannot compromise. >> both agree cuts have to be made and new revenue should be on the table. >> who do you blame for the fiscal cliff? we have a ton of responses and a lot of you are fired up. merrill says i blame everyone.
10:11 am
we wouldn't be in this mess if it would have been addressed when the republicans had the presidency and the senate. john says they're all to blame. it's called playing nice and working together. it's what big kids do so do it. tweet us your thoughts and we'll read more later on in the show. >> everyone who played the powerball jackpot must have been out of luck because nobody one the $325 million prize. that means there's a chance for somebody to strike it really, really rich wednesday. tickets are selling like hotcakes. >> reporter: hey, there, we can tell you we'ring standing here in times square in new york city. there are nearly 16,000 lottery retailers so it's hard to go far without running into one.
10:12 am
42 of 50 states sell them. manhattan as well as the rest of the country are decked out for the holiday season and shoppers walking around, many are buying tickets and dreaming about what they could buy if they hit it big. >> i'm not saying i would take the money and buy junk with it. i would do something for humanity. >> a lot of people need help so help myself and help others. >> we lost be anna. if you want the ticket get out before wednesday. the jackpot is expected to climb above $400 million. tomorrow the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments that could change the way companies are held liability under harassment. it comes under the deaf nation of supervisor. we ever monday's case focuses on harassment by a catering polo
10:13 am
mow -- employee working at ball state university. >> regulation overload in just the last 09 days, the obama administration has issued nearly 6,000 new proposed regulations. it could make you pay more for everything from gas to home heating. we'll fill you in on that next. are you looking to jet off for the upcoming holidays? it's not too late. our guest gives us the travel forecast coming up. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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10:17 am
extreme couponing gone very wrong, all caught on video. a shopper claimed she was talked while trying to use her coupons as a dollar tree. she said she was attacked by the store manager who refused to honor her coupons despite a sign saying they would be accepted. because the shopper recorded the transaction, police cited the manager with a misdemeanor assault. we could be for higher gas,
10:18 am
steeper heating bills and rising food cost because of regulations from the obama regulations. we've invited the executive vice president of the consumer energy alliance to explain what it could mean to your wallet. >> thank you for having me. >> everybody feels pain at the pump when they have to stop. it's a daily part of life. the reality of what you're paying for gas but you're saying regulations could make it more expensive. >> the biggest thing we've seen from the environmental community is they have an agenda, a four point agenda, to get off oil, off of coal, regulate natural gas and not allow drilling on federal land for natural gas or oil. the obama administration has been willing to work with environmentalists on all these fronts. you can look at the myriad of regulations over the last several years, even in
10:19 am
accelerated places since the election and announcements of rules, every one of those regulations is another tool in the tool kit that gates you back to one of these four points. >> the president said under his administration, things have gotten better as far as production, domestic production of oil. there was a debate and he said i'm doing the right stuff, releasing this stuff and making it easier to fill up. >> we're excited as an organization at consumer energy alliance about the fact we have these massive natural gas resources and we've seen increases in natural gas production and oil production in the united states. it's so much cheaper but the fact is the production we've seen on federal lands and leasing on federal lands, governed by the government, has
10:20 am
gone down and we have seen a lot of regulation coming in on the production of oil and natural gas on state lands and on private lands as well. what we want to do is try to make sure that the president has campaigned on trying to get us in an all of the above energy policy. we agree with that approach. what we don't want to see is empty rhetoric where we regulate off oil, off coal and into pushing nothing but alternatives and renewables because they're not ready for prime time and they're more expensive. >> a number of companies have not been able to survive yet in that arena. i like to keep an eye out. in the last 90 days, 5,778 issued by the administration in the last 90 days but elections have consequences so the person in the white house will stack these agencies and make
10:21 am
decision. >> they're going to do it. it's not valuable to go into every rule and regulation and say why are they coming down the pike. you have to look at the overall agenda and understand they're going to use regulations under the clean air act, endangered species act, the clean water act, to accomplish the goals they have. and if you look at keystone excel where you don't want oil coming down the pipeline. the environment list made it a cause celebe and put tremendous pressure on the administration and now we have to come back and take it again. it's not a matter of did transcanada cross every t and dot every i, it was the political consequences of allowing this project to go forward before the election. >> thank you for coming in. we appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. >> you can keep an eye on it.
10:22 am with a place to comment. no what's out there, weigh in, let your voice be heard. chaos in egypt as egyptians flood the street. next, a fair and balanced debate on how and if the u.s. should get directly involved. with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. likehe lucid by lg, free. or the galaxy nexus by samsung, free. this weekend, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon.
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even let you know when an old friend has arrived. get the advanced technology of adt and save $300. starting at $99 installed. pulse save on accessories. call now or visit sale ends midnight november 27th. >> shannon: thisthis is the botm of the hour. as the protests go on for a third straight day, egypt media reports president mohammed morsi will meet with the country's top judges tomorrow and reportedly discuss morsi's decree that shields his decision from judicial review. president obama will meet with congressional leaders to discuss the looming fiscal cliff according to jay carney, he says everyone expressed a desire to hammer out and agreement but no
10:27 am
details about the negotiation so far. the producer of dallas will give jr ewing a proper sentoff. they're working on a way to write the character off the show after larry hagman's death on friday. he's filmed 15 episodes of the new season. a new development suggests it might not last for long. >> shannon, it seems new iranian weapons could be on the way to gaza. the sunday sometimes of london reports a israeli spy satellite spotted an amount of cargo loaded onto a ship in iran containing rockets that militants in gaza use to fire at tel aviv as well as jerusalem, the israel military is believed
10:28 am
to have destroyed a significant amount of the stockpiles. the report says the weapons shipment will likely be escorted by a iranian war shim. israel says it will destroy any weapons headed to gaza. the paper says the cargo ship might contain long range ballistic missiles. workers in gaza are rebuilding smuggling tunnels destroyed by air strikes. the iran president called the prime minister to graduate >> congratulate him on the victory. a islamic religious leader says it's the duty of gazaians to support the cease-fire agreement says it's the duty of all residents and not to do so
10:29 am
is, in his words a sin. >> david lee miller live in jerusalem thank you. the state department is calling for calm after mohammed morsi's power grab as opposition groups gather to ban the sweeping powers, the white house is quiet. congressman john garamandy joins us now. >> good to be with you. >> your colleagues on the senate side, some have been vocal, senator lindsey graham comes to mind about the issue of funding for egypt. that is something we need to highlight for them in hopes of coercing president morsi to scale back his decree? >> i can be sure president morsi is aware of the american involvement. we're a major funder for military and other issues in egypt and he's aware. it is a leverage point and i'm
10:30 am
sure we're using it in a diplomatic way, probably used it to get to the cease-fire. >> to that point, is he going to be able to, as he faces backlash in his country, help us monitor the cease-fire he helped negotiate? >> i certainly hope so but the money that goes to egypt comes with strings. part of those strings involve the peace process in israel. >> shannon: and how do you think that cease-fire will hold at this point? we had david lee miller live from jerusalem about a lot of things that still are very ten ooh whiteous at this point. do you think it will hold? >> i hope it does but the report of additional weapons heading to gaza is troubling. israel made that information public to prepare for a possible strike on that ship en route as
10:31 am
it approaches gaza. >> is it time, because we have heard from the state department, is it time for the president himself to publicly speak on this or the white house to issue a statement on what morsi has done the last few days? >> the president has been clear through his first term and will be this term about the power of democracy and necessity for democracy in every country, and he's spoken meantimes about the importance of democracy in the middle east not only in egypt but libya and beyond. so he will be speaking on it. we've seen the secretary of state clinton out there very active in this area. it's extremely important that the united states uses its power, as it has, to bring about a cease-fire and to put the arm or leverage on egypt to make sure egypt honors its commitments in the cease-fire.
10:32 am
it may very well be iran is testing egypt for the ultimate power in the middle east. so there's conflicts all around, not just within egypt but between countries and iran is a major player and a huge problem for us as well as for neighboring countries. >> since i have you both. i want to ask you both your feelings about the possibility of a negotiation keeping us back from the fiscal cliff. >> i'm optimistic the president said he wants to reach a solution and we don't want southwestatory take effect. with what's happening in the middle east, we don't need sequester. >> got to do it. we've got to compromise. we've got to go to the middle and give up on things we've held to dear. at the same time it's possible for every side to maintain its principles. it can be done, it has done, so we have no choice. a let's just get it done.
10:33 am
>> for the good of the country, we wish you both the best on that front. thank you for your time, gentlemen. >> thank you. thank you. >> you've heard of going back to your roots. a study suggests that's what a growing number of americans are doing when it comes to their religious beliefs. that story's next. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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10:37 am
pope benedict made history when he crowned six new cardinals telling them to be more like jesus. they're from across the globe, the u.s., india, nigeria, yom i colombia and the philippines. >> we've heard of people converting from different religious but more are going back to thes religious they grew
10:38 am
up with. >> hay there. this is a growing social trend. increasing numbers of u.s. adults are returning to the religion under which they were raised. over 90% have gone back to the religion of their childhood. we discovered the structure and values they were raised with. challenging events like hurricane sandy and the tough economy are among the prime reasons. >> for me personally, it was when things looked down, i look up. i think in my experience here, we see a lot of that, where people hit a low and need somewhere to turn and look and they look up and look for god or some kind of faith. >> what is really interesting about rebirths is they appear to be genuinely returning for spiritualty not just support. it's more about reconnecting
10:39 am
with their original belief system, shannon. >> they may begin to come back for no, nostalgic reasons. there are individuals who say the like the way religion was done in my church. there's a feeling of try to reconnect with family and earlier tradition. >> there's a push by churches and synagogues and mosques to bring worshippers back. we would like to hear from fox viewers. hit us up on facebook or twitter and we'll read your stories later. a couple of examples, catholic churches are adding programs. a program called next door, door is hebrew for generation. no stats on how many rebirths say on but for perspective, the number of catholics in the united states has stayed at 25% which sociologist say indicates
10:40 am
some are back for the long haul. >> interesting. millions of holiday travelers are heading home and weather wise it could be the perfect day. rick reichmuth is joining stimulus we rarely get good weather at the beginning of thanksgiving and after for the return home. today we have a problem across the great lakes with lake-effect snow, a couple bands heavy south of buffalo and just over to the south of the water town area but no big airports, so there's good news. the west side of the country has had disturbances across the pacific northwest but that's cleared out as well. you're looking fine. the precipitation we had there is moving across the northern rockies and bringing snow to south dakota and nebraska but in general, the rest of the country looking mostly sunny and very nice.
10:41 am
temperatures even are looking pretty good. your highs for today, a little bit cooler towards the north but it is the end of november, he should be a little bit cold. to the south we're warm and sunny. so things looking good. if tomorrow is your travel home day, things are just fine. we'll see cold air across the northern plains and then the next disturbance we're going to watch will bring a little bit of rain across parts of the south. maybe a dusting of snow from philadelphia, new york on tuesday. but travel wise we made it through the holiday looking good. >> shannon: you have made so many people happy. thank you for the good news. >> i wish it were me. >> shannon: nothing new, airfares are skyrocketing but is it keeping people home? travel exert and edit or of you must be is here to the inside scoop. thank you for joining us today. >> sure thing. >> shannon: so rick tells us the weather is good if you have to travel right now, but airfares are up. is that anything new?
10:42 am
>> well, unfortunately not. this is -- with the economy getting a little bit better, people are feeling better about the economy and are willing to travel. when demand goes up, fares go up. holiday airfares for thanksgiving and christmas, expedia says the average fare is $450, up 10% compared to last year. >> shannon: let's talk about the busiest travel days. we're probably in the midst of one today. how can travelers brace themselves for delays if they find themselves in that predicament? >> today we're looking at the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving season and it's great weather. that's key this year. it's key almost every year because we really -- i think travelers and airports and airlines have got the drill down when it comes to big high volume
10:43 am
days. if there's not a weather event, everything seems to go very smoothly. if there's a weather event, you have to prepare for that. before you fly, maybe during christmas, check the weather before you check anything else because it's the weather that's going to slow you down, not necessarily the volume. >> shannon: how can folks make the most of their dollars if they're going to travel through this season that goes through the first of the year? >> yeah, well as i said, it's very expensive. if you have the flexibility to do it, travel during the dead weeks. these are the periods of low demand between thanksgiving and christmas. because we had a early thanksgiving this year we have an extra dead week. we're in one next week then the first two weeks of december, it's extremely inexpensive. in san francisco, if you want to travel during the holidays you'll pay almost $1,000 to fly round trip from the west coast to the east coast on peak travel
10:44 am
days. if you travel during the dead weeks, it goes down to in some cases less than $300. we haven't seen fares like that in a long time. first -- the last week of november, the first two weeks of december, also the first two weeks of january, if you have flexibility, take advantage. >> what about hotels, if you need a place to stay? >> yeah. well hotels are a great deal during the holidays. most hotels are full of business travelers and they pretty much stay home. if you're going home for the holidays and you don't feel like staying on grandma's lumpy mattress or in the stuffy guest bedroom, book a hotel. they're very inexpensive. a best western in a suburban office park, you're probably going to pay 50 to 75 a night which typically goes for maybe $100. that way everybody gets their own space, everybody's happier and i always suggest staying in
10:45 am
a hotel if you have the opportunity and there's one nearby. makes everybody happier. they may not tell you they want you to stay in a hotel, but they probably do. >> more hot water for everyone when you do that, which is always a good side benefit. chris, thank you. safe travels to you. >> all right. thank you. >> shannon: the bills are rolling in for superstorm sandy victims even though they haven't had power for weeks. our most clicked stories are next. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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10:47 am
[ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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10:49 am
>> shannon: superstorm sandy victims didn't have power fore weeks but they're getting power bills. the bills come from a power company faced with plenty of criticism. that story with one of our most popular stories. >> reporter: some long island power authority customers received their bill despite not having power for weeks. it included an estimate for the entire billing cycle and didn't mention refunds. they've not respond today
10:50 am
questions and complaints from customers. china reached a milestone in the attempt to become a military powerhouse. the chinese landed a fighter jet on a new aircraft carriers. crew members logged more than 100 training and test programs since the ship went into service two months ago. it's not yet combat ready and won't be for some time. get your tickets. yesterday's $325 million powerball jacket pot had no winner so the pot increases to $425 million, the highest every for powerball. the next drawing is wednesday. you can read more at >> shannon: thank you, peter. prosecution prosecutors in colorado are faced with figuring out what to do with active marijuana cases now that voters moved to decriminalize the drug. the amendment says you can possess up to an ounce.
10:51 am
>> reporter: amount 64 doesn't become law until the governor certifies it in mid december, however you can get in trouble depending on where you're standing in the state right now. in wells county, about an hour 40 minutes northeast of where i'm standing in denver, if you have about an ounce of marijuana with you, the district attorney will prosecute you because it's illegal today and he's released a statement saying accordingly, we will not dismiss existing marijuana possession cases. more importantly our office prosecutes low-level possession cases to get drug abusers help. that practice will continue until state law changes. say i come back to denver or go to bolder with the same amount of marijuana, i'm 21 or older and haven't committed any crimes. i will not be prosecuted even though the law hasn't changed.
10:52 am
that's in boulder, denver and other jurisdictions. some are dismissing pending cases that fit the crisp. colorado is one of two states where voters decided marijuana can be used recreationally if you're 21 or older. this becomes a budgetary thing. >> i made an economical decision basically don't waste your resources, don't prosecute any more cases as special district attorneys. >> this does not mean that anyone who's been busted can just not show up for court. the arrest or citation does not disappear. those with previous possessions must go through the motion of proving they meet the age requirement and of course that they're not guilty of other
10:53 am
charges that might be connected to the marijuana possession case. >> shannon: thank you. thisthis is the a fox news alera state fire marshal in massachusetts says a gas company worker is to blame for the explosion in springfield friday. the fire marshal says the worker was responding to reports of a gas leak and there had been evacuations but the weaker apparently punctured a pipe. that led to the massive explosion that injured 18 people. a lot of folks on the scene said it was a miracle no one was killed. black friday and small business saturday are over but shoppers have a long shopping season. for small businesses it's a critical time for the lot line. fox news's brenda buttner joins us with a preview of the make or break time for businesses.
10:54 am
>> the holiday shopping season is always a gift to retailers. a quarter of annual sales ring up between thanksgiving and the end of the year. it's a big deal for big stores but for small businesses it's huge. yesterday was the third annual small biz saturday so small businesses can compete. the national retail federation expects overall consumers will spend more with increases of 4% to $470 billion this season. but that's not as big a jump as last year and there are more shopping days because thanksgiving was early so consumers may wait to open their wallets, checking online, instores and up to the last minute for deals. we saw that black friday with more foot traffic but less spending. small biz retailers expect happy holidays, two out of three saying they're hopeful sales go
10:55 am
up. the reality is owners are not so optimistic. less than half expect higher revenues even with small biz saturday getting media attention. as customers shop small, that may not mean the engine of hiring will put out help wanted signs. >> i would love to say that the holidays will make all the business and small business will hire but the data indicates they're pessimistic, they're cautious and uncertain about the economic environment. >> reporter: and chief among those uncertainties, fears of higher taxes if we go over the fiscal cliff or even if there's a deal, higher cost of healthcare and worries about another recession. >> shannon: thank you so much. >> imagine dangling from had overpass for more than an hour. after the break, find out why police say that was all the driver's fault.
10:56 am
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>> shannon: rescuers raced against the clock to save this driver. they were able to keep the truck from plummeting over the edge by securing it to a fire engine. the driver was arrested for drunk driving. the fiscal cliff has been mounting for months. americans are fed up. we asked to you tweet about who you blame. most of

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